MegaWatt Ventures Competition

The 2013 MegaWatt Ventures competition will take place on the Tuesday, September 24th as the first day of the Innovation Concourse of the Southeast Showcase (ICSE).  The ICSE is an exciting event that brings together up-and-coming small technology businesses, industry-leading corporations, innovative university researchers and countless regional resources to foster a perfect network to build commerce. The Showcase will take place on September 24th – 25th at the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) in Tampa, FL.

All 10 Megawatt Ventures finalists will give a 15 minute presentation followed by a 15 minute Q&A session with our esteemed panel of judges from across the energy industry and the nations top venture capital firms.  One of these 10 companies will be selected by the judges to receive $100,000.

The Megawatt Ventures finalists will be joined by over 60 of the most promising energy and environmental companies from the region.  For more information on the Showcase or to register please visit the ICSE website at

We are proud to announce the following list of Megawatt Ventures judges, many of whom will be attending both days of the Innovation Concourse Showcase.

The Megawatt Ventures Judges include:

  • Kathya Mahadevan – Battelle
  • Dr. Todd Wetzel – GE Global Research
  • Dr. Edward Greer – DOW Chemical Company
  • Dr. Purnesh Seegopaul – Pangaea Ventures
  • Michael Kuntz – Boeing
  • Todd Smith – DT Search and Design
  • Dr. Jim Drakes – Aerojet RocketDyne
  • George Gramatikas – Turbine Technology Services and Florida Angel Nexus
  • Dr. Tushar Ganpule – 3M
  • Frank Bevc – Siemens
  • Christina Karapataki – Schlumberger Early Ventures
  • Dr. Sven Harmsen – BASF Venture Capital America Inc.


Innovation Concourse of the Southeast Agenda:

Tuesday, September 24

 7AM – 8AM                 Registration and Breakfast               Founder’s Hall

8AM – 3PM                  Exhibition Set-Up continued             Exhibits Gallery

 8AM – 5PM                  MegaWatt Exhibition Open              North Gallery
8AM – 5PM                   MegaWatt Venture Pitches              Auditorium
12PM – 1PM                 Lunch                                           Welcome Center
5PM – 7PM                    Exhibition Opens / Reception       Exhibits Gallery, North Gallery, Founder’s Hall
7PM – 7:30PM            Awards Announced                        Founder’s Hall
Wednesday, September 25
 7AM – 8AM                Registration and Breakfast
  8AM – 3PM               Exhibition Opens                          Exhibits Gallery, North Gallery, Founder’s Hall
12PM – 1PM                Lunch                                         Welcome Center
3PM – 4:30PM           CEO Roundtable                            Auditorium
4:30PM – 7PM           Exhibition Break-down                   Exhibits Gallery, North Gallery, Founder’s Hall